Permanent eyeliner makes your eyes speak

  • Permanent make up eyeliner gives your eyes more expression
  • Eyes are visually enhanced by a fine permanent top eyeliner and/or below
  • Eyelashes can be accentuated by a technique called intensification of the upper and/or below eyelashes
  • Permanent intensification of the lashes makes them look fuller. Intensification of the lashes is a pigmentationtechnique where eyelashes are accentuated. Eyelashes have an intense and full look. Intensification of the eyelashes is a lashaccent and is not an eyeliner nor kajal. The result is subtle and takes approximately 1 to 2 years

Intensification of the eyelashes is indicated

  • if you don't want an eyeliner or kajal
  • for men, because of its subbtle look
  • for women, men with blonde eyelashes
  • for women, men with no or very little eyelashes
  • when an eyeliner or kajal does not fit your eye make-up

Arabian permanent make-up

Regularly Arabic women from the Middle East, particularly from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia come to Belgium to get their permanent make up done by Joëlle Senden.
They have a distinct and particular style of permanent make up that fits into their culture. These thicker eyeliners look very beautiful on them.

Please feel welcome at my office. I can advise hotel accommodation if you wish so.