Permanent make-up is a fine tattoo technique

With permanent makeup quality pigments are injected under the skin. The treatment is done in very hygienic & safety conditions with a professional unit and single, sterile needle.
The purpose of permanent make-up is to improve the aesthetic aspect in the face. The intended result is natural and on long term. If you are looking for an aesthetic improvement, a physical correction permanent make-up is the correct treatment.I

Indications for a permanent make up wish

  • you prefer waterproof makeup for your sport, when you are on vacation or in the pool
  • you have motor or vision problems and you like a neat and professional make up
  • you don't master the art of drawing your own make-up
  • you're a (business) man or woman who likes a time-saving make up
  • Depending on your paintolerance that is personal, the treatment could hurt a little or a lot. You'll feel tingling during the treatment. Efficient numbing is used. When you are tired, slept little, menstruating, you obviously support less

The duration of your permanent make up treatment

A treatment Permanent make up takes about 1.30-2 hrs depending on the choosen treatment in permanent make up.

Aftercare and healing period

A local sensitivity, light swelling, tingling, redness can be observed after your treatment. At home a cold mask (cold pack) will calm this feeling. A healing ointment is recommended. For optimal results small crusts or fine skins will not will be peeled of or scratched. Depending on your healing, the scabs disappear between 3-7 days. Written instructions for aftercare will be given to you. Normally the same day you can assume your professional activities and you can feel free to drive your car.
I see you back after 1 Month for an update, a touch-up that is included in the price.

Shelf life of your result in permanent makeup

Generally you can count on a period of approximately two years depending on various factors, the most important are: the strict compliance with the instructions for aftercare, the influence of the sun, the effect of medication changes and reactions of the organism.
By pursuing a natural result you'll find yourself back in your permanent makeover. Obviously better and more beautiful. Properly applied permanent makeup results in an overall refinement of eyeseyebrows and lips. Emphasis is placed on your facial features. After a permanent makeup treatment your facial expression is subtly emphasized.
Permanent makeup is a risk-related activity with a significant risk of cross contamination from viruses such as Corona virus Covid-19,hepatitis A,Hepatitis B,Hepatitis C,Hepatitis D. A sterile needle is injected into the deeper skin layers, especially in the upper layers of the dermis (2 mm max). 
Hygienic work in safe conditions is necessary to prevent diseases and to prevent cross contamination far as possible.
Craftsmanship hygiene, monitoring, all stipulate the outcome.
I do work with the hygiene standards required by FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FOD 196)
These data are recorded and records of my activity wearing the number 196

During the treatment, following carefully observed

  • Hygiene, Decontamination equipment
  • plastic film against cross contamination
  • skin disinfection
  • clean gloves
  • use of single, sterile needles
  • disposable of used needles in sharps container
  • written aftercare instructions

As a client you will enjoy the assurance that I am working following the hygienic norms.
You are exposed to a minimum of cross contamination risks.

During your consultation, you ask your questions.
You make your wishes clear so that I can discuss the possibilities with you