Quality label for Hygiene in permanent make up 

Press Conference "Belgian Hygiene Quality Label" (bhql) April 14th, 2003 bhql

Joëlle Senden has contributed to the realization of the long-awaited code of hygienic and ethical charter for practitioners of permanent make-up, tattoo artists, jewelery shops and piercers. On April 14th 2003, the Minister of Health Jef Tavernier, signed the cooperation agreement with the industry; l'Association des Tatoueurs et des Perceurs professionels Walloon ATPPW, Federation of Belgian tattooist BAT Supreme Council for Jewelry and Watches HRJU, Flemish Bond Piercing VPB, Mr Robert Mylle tattoo expert, Ms Joëlle Senden, expert permanent make-up/micropigmentation. "Practitioners of permanent makeup, tattoo artists, piercers, jewelers now have a quality as regards a strict ethical code and hygiene standards.
That legislation was drafted by the industry, and government. The first in Europe.

The Belgian Hygiene Quality Label has become BHQLeague. The work of the BHQL now paying off. The Royal Decree of November 25, 2005 is effective from January 1, 2006 for tattoo and permanent make-up. This new legislation means that specialists in permanent make-up must respect hygiene rules at work.
These new rules are in the interests of customers and in the interest of the professionals. Professionals follow a specific training in hygiene.

Bhqlabel is Bhqleague
Although the purpose of the Bhqlabel was reached - there is now a legal basis for permanent make up and tattoo - is the work of a professional association not completely.
The existing legislation contains a number of points that can be improved and this remains the view of the professional is really necessary. There are also cases where the Belgian State has not yet developed regulations that are interesting, for both the authorities, professionals, and consumers (eg on the composition of the inks)

The hygiene course, imposed by Federal Public Health, has taken its inspiration from the Quality Label. Congrats to the designers!

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by the Federal Public Health Service FPS, is for every professional in permanent makeup, microblading,tattoo. This is a guarantee that the professional works hygienically. In addition, these appropriate measures limit further spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus. It is not unlikely, after Corona times, that you will choose a professional who has followed and passed the exams of this hygiene course.