Essential tips for the best result in your permanent make-up

A matter of trust

Before you entrust yourself to an expert in permanent make up, it is worthwhile googling to see who she is.

Who is my specialist in permanent makeup? The number of years experience may be useful to know but: much more important and decisive her artistic gifts and qualities

The art of drawing and the correct mix of pigmentcolor are the keys to a successful permanent makeup.

Less is (always) more

Discrete, permanent make up with sober eyes gives you more radiation than a large and permanent make up dark lipliner.

youtube video full lips lipliner


If you want that 'Cleopatra effect' permanent, or the "Bambi-look' eyes 'oeil de biche' , the Arabian style of eye make up... then this is possible with permanent make-up as well. Know that this permanent babe look eyeliner will be present for a long time. Often 5 years or even longer.

Natural beauty and ...the queen

With a natural, permanent lipliner your natural beauty remains emphasized. Your mouth looks slightly fuller by using a natural pigment color.